Photo Copyright 2013 Keven Card All Rights Reserved

Photo Copyright 2013 Keven Card All Rights Reserved

Twenty-two years ago today my life was changed forever!

It seems like it was just a couple of years ago when I saw you for the very first time, the strobe lighting of the club reflecting off your stunning face (and overly hair sprayed hair). It’s a night I can never… will never forget. You were the most beautiful girl in the entire club that night and I know now, that our destinies were meant to collide.

Yes, the last twenty-two years has had its share of happiness…. and sorrow, but there’s no one else in this life that I would want to share every laugh and every tear with…. no one but you.

You are my life, my guardian Angel and God sent you to me to show me that He loves me, because you love me; even through all of my craziness. You are the most amazing wife and mother in the world to me and I’m honored to call myself “your husband”.

As I sit here in the darkness of the early hours; the soft glow of the computer screen and the gentle sounds of your breathing as you sleep, filling the room. I’m remembering the amazing life that we’ve shared and all I can say is; I love you more today, 22 years later, than I ever have before and I know in my heart that we’re going to be one of those couples that will end our lives on the high note of still being madly in love with each other. Continue Reading…

What-Woman-WantLast week we revealed the secret of what men really want from their wives, and we had a fantastic response. So let’s talk about the other side of that same coin. What do our wives really want from their men?

Is it true that their deepest desire that we put our socks in the hamper? Or help them with the kids? Clean the kitchen or do the dishes? Maybe if we talk to them a little more, that’ll do the trick… for real, right?

What is it that makes a woman satisfied? I’m not convinced that women know the answer to that question but It’s what every man wants to know and I believe what every woman wants their man to figure out…. But the question is…. can he?

If only we could get inside the head of women and discover “the secret” that could remedy all of our “dripping faucet” woes. (I say that lovingly ladies).

Although, if we could climb into their heads, I’m near certain we’d get lost in the wave of emotional chaos that exists and non-stop chatter. But, we’d still do it if we thought for one second we could find the magic key that unlocks our woman’s happiness and turns off everything else! Continue Reading…

Male-PsycheIt’s often said that women will never understand men and vice versa; but is that the reality?

I don’t think it is.

In fact, I’m about to go against the man code and reveal one of the deepest secrets of the male psyche. And, for doing so, I’ll likely be banned from the men’s club for life; that is if they ever figure out who this whistleblower is. The secret is the most valuable piece of relationship information that women could ever possess; and it could change the face of relationships forever, and give women near total control over their man.

I bet you’re salivating at this point, aren’t you?

But it’s true, I’m about to tell you the most intimate desire of your man that will have him going out of his way to make you happy…. AND, it has nothing to do with SEX!

Although, if you’re married, sex is an extremely important piece of the marital experience but absolutely not its entirety. We men aren’t driven by mere animalistic instincts for reproduction, even though society and Hollywood project it that way; God made us to be much more than that. Continue Reading…

Feeling Abandoned Me Too

Keven Card —  July 17, 2013 — 5 Comments

Egg FaceHave you ever felt alone, abandoned by life?

I know I have and recently too.

Right now it seems as if the world around me has left me behind, or at least looks at me differently; whether real or not, I feel out casted, even by the people closest to me.

In my dreams I’m on a deserted island that even the birds avoid. I can look out over the water and see emptiness for miles, while storms rage around me. It really is a frightening place to be when you’re alone (at least in my dreams it is).

In the real world I’m surrounded by people, but, they might as well not exist because they don’t see me, the real me, the person who questions the future, wonders about his purpose and is wavering in his faith. I’m held together but by a single thread of hope, the hope that tomorrow will come and it’ll be better, but seriously not much more than that.

Don’t misunderstand me, I know I’m loved; I have the best wife and kids in the world. They support me in everything I do (or try to do). But, that’s the only physical constant in my life.

In everything else, waves of turmoil have come into my life lately. We’ve been battling with one sick child after the next, Just as soon as we think we’re at the end of it, the cycle of stuffy heads and runny noses begins again. I seriously feel like I haven’t slept in three months! Continue Reading…

I would love to tell you that I was an ideal son, but that would be a lie. The truth; I was a very complicated child with an even more complicated history. Looking back, it’s obvious that my mom did the very best she could with me and the life she was given. And today, I wish I could give her just one more hug, tell her one more time how much I love her. 

But, sadly for me, she’s gone on to be with Jesus and her pain from this life ended. Thankfully. the last three words I said to her were: I Love You.

You can read what I wrote to her here: The Last Three Words

I also lost my other mom, my wife’s mom, who went on to be with Jesus after battling cancer. She loved me as if I was her flesh and blood son and I believe with my heart that she and my wife were sent to me by God when I needed them most.

I used to love coming into a room and intentionally cutting up just to see her laugh. Speaking English was difficult for her so I’d have to use broken English infused with ample amounts of body language to communicate. That and I would learn a few phrases of her Filipino dialect (which wasn’t Tagalog) but just the ones that cracked her up. My favorite time to make her laugh was when she didn’t have her dentures in, because she would always lift her hand to cover her mouth whenever she’d laugh. But, I loved her with all my heart.

Back to covering smiles, I don’t know why but, when I first met Marianne she did the same thing; but now that shes had braces (and oddly, wants them again because she likes how they look) she doesn’t do the mouth cover anymore. I think its and Asian culture thing or something to be very aware of your smile or maybe they’re just worried a piece of spinach is still stuck in their teeth, who knows. Continue Reading…

Some of you may have heard this story or even read it in our first attempt at writing a book, Forever Newlyweds, about the night Marianne and I met. But, just in case you’ve not heard the story allow me to tell it again, but I’ll add some key details to this version that truthfully, might be a mistake!

It was a nice warm winter night in November, November 2nd, 1991 to be exact, on the U.S.Territory of Guam, where I was stationed in the U.S. Marine Corps. (Of course, if I told you what I was doing there… well, you get the picture!), I was off duty and my first thoughts were of hitting the club scene in Tumon bay (It’s where all the hotels and tourists were).

However, I must take a moment to preface this story with some facts. It is true that I grew up going to church, I gave my life to Christ at thirteen and was Baptized in a creek in my hometown in Oklahoma. My mom was a devoted Bible Thump… I mean Christian scholar; and, I was a perfect example of a prodigal son. So, in November of 1991, I wasn’t paying much attention to God, although I can assure you He was paying attention to me, otherwise I wouldn’t be married to the best, most beautiful woman in the world and have had five incredible children together. Continue Reading…

copyright 2013 Keven Card

copyright 2013 Keven Card

Awe, the birth of a child is the joy of a love-filled relationship and that joy lasts a lifetime… right?

This may be the way it should be but far too often it simply isn’t the way it is. The realities of childrearing can very easily overwhelm unsuspecting couples and the “joy” of a newborn can quickly give way to exhaustion. I don’t know about you, but you can tell when someone hasn’t had enough sleep at our house… talk about punchy! Geez!

A child changes everything about your relationship, it’s that simple.

What used to be easy, becomes more difficult. If you hit the party scene when you were just a couple, a child eats into that possibility, same with vacations, hanging out with friends and even sex!


Here’s the mistake we see with so many couples we speak to: they forget to make time for each other because it’s said that we HAVE TO take care of the baby. Of course, you have to take care of your child and that does dominate your time but, it shouldn’t be used to abandon your relationship. Continue Reading…

DreamI’m trying something new today! I’m going to write the truth according to me and not worry about writing for you, I hope that’s okay.

My blog to date has been largely about destiny and purpose, mixed with a little of God’s plan for your life. Although I believe in them all, the fact is, that I’m struggling with them all too.

There are days when the direction of my life seems so crystal clear; but the next day it’s as if someone I can’t see waded through my clarity and mucked up my water. It’s really, really annoying!

Anyway, lately I’ve been struggling with this basic concept: chase my dream or chase the money?

You see, I’ve always had a dream to be an accomplished author and speaker; and the truth is I feel very confident that, to a degree, I am already; I also feel that I can hone my craft to completely accomplish that. But, it’s always been with the word “someday” attached to it. The problem is that so far, someday has been very illusive and my increasing age isn’t.

On the other hand, I am an accomplished insurance agent; my clients respect me, in some cases they love me; but secretly I hate that life. It used to be exciting and fresh and I could easily motivate myself to do the things necessary to succeed; but after doing it for twenty years (putting my “real” dream on hold) I’m exhausted by the thought of it.

My challenge is that taking a leap of Faith of this magnitude especially now, seems even more insane than ever before. We just had our fifth child, (a bouncing baby boy), who was diagnosed at birth with Down syndrome which so far has required and asinine amount of medical professional involvement. Of course, we’re believing God for a miracle in his life!

In the “natural” as my pastor puts it, it all seems like bad timing; like everything could fracture in a blink and go horribly, horribly wrong, but doesn’t Faith require us to ignore what we see and believe in who we don’t see?

Hebrews 11:1 says that Faith is the substance of things hoped for AND the evidence of things NOT seen.

On that premise, the answer would be, chase my dream!

On the other hand, God gave me the gift that has led me into the insurance business for the last twenty years. So, would I be turning my back on my gift, or redirecting it? The gift of persuasion can be used for either.

Do you see my quandary?

I’m interested in what you think, please leave your thoughts below.

WhatsGodsPlanYou know, I have to say: I am a firm believer that God has a designed plan for each one of us; a true destiny carved into the pages of time that has our name written on it; stamped with the seal of the King of kings. But, sometimes I wonder why more people don’t fulfill their God given destiny and instead opt for a mediocre and largely unfulfilled existence.

To get to the answer to that question I would say we’d have to move past the surface reflections such as what gifts or talents one may or may not possess. Or what opportunities a person had or didn’t have growing up. No, achieving our personal destiny isn’t based on circumstance or challenge. If that were true, a poor person could never become rich, nor could an abused person ever  overcome that abuse and live to help others. Continue Reading…

Life, Lemons and Lemonade

Keven Card —  February 12, 2013 — Leave a comment

LMS02-12-13I am guilty of making mountains out of molehills; of taking my fears and allowing them to become giants in my life. Quite frankly because that’s often much easier than having faith in something we can’t see or touch.

However, I’m starting to understand that life is always going to try to pull the carpet out from under us; we’ll always have challenges, fear will always be looming just around the next corner, but it’s giving into those challenges, that fear, that’s when we start to lose focus. Sure, there’s a healthy fear that we all should have, it’s why most of us won’t nose dive off a cliff or free dive 500 feet below the waves.

I’m talking about the fear that immobilizes our faith, the kind that keeps us and our minds solely focused on the challenged that life has brought into our lives but the question is: Does a singular focus on the problem we face change the problem? It could be a money problem, maybe a lost job, a child who’s gone rogue, or a diagnosis in yours or a loved one’s life.   Continue Reading…