Life, Lemons and Lemonade

I am guilty of making mountains out of molehills; of taking my fears and allowing them to become giants in my life. Quite frankly because that’s often much easier than having faith in something we can’t see or touch.

However, I’m starting to understand that life is always going to try to pull the carpet out from under us; we’ll always have challenges, fear will always be looming just around the next corner, but it’s giving into those challenges, that fear, that’s when we start to lose focus. Sure, there’s a healthy fear that we all should have, it’s why most of us won’t nose dive off a cliff or free dive 500 feet below the waves.

I’m talking about the fear that immobilizes our faith, the kind that keeps us and our minds solely focused on the challenged that life has brought into our lives but the question is: Does a singular focus on the problem we face change the problem? It could be a money problem, maybe a lost job, a child who’s gone rogue, or a diagnosis in yours or a loved one’s life.  

Whatever the challenge, whatever the mountain you face there is always a way to look higher and higher until we can no longer see our mountain but peer into the heavens and hope!

Hope, according to Hebrews 11:1 is Faith in action; we can’t see hope, we can’t touch it, it’s just an inner knowing that our lives are in the hands of our Creator. It’s when we have that kind of clarity that we can experience all of life’s challenges and maintain our joy. That’s Faith!  

There’s an old cliché about life, lemons and lemonade that to me, is another way of saying just have Faith. Whatever challenges you face today or whatever fear you may be holding onto, I just want to remind you today that God is your Father and He cares about you and wants you to be an Overcomer; the requirement is quite simple. Our job is just to believe in God, in His love for us and in His son, Jesus Christ!

We’ve had our share of challenges lately, and it seems more are coming our way; but I know in my heart that God has worked too many things out in my life for me to start doubting now, so I choose to stand on my Faith and not give into my fears.

So today, my prayer is that you’ll focus on Faith with me, and not on fear and together we’ll see our victory coming just behind these storms.

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