The Blessing Of A Down Syndrome Baby

John-Michael 6 weeks copyright Keven Card 2012

John-Michael 6 weeks copyright Keven Card 2012

John-Michael officially turned 6 weeks today!

What began six short weeks ago in the grief and pain of knowing that our little boy will be labeled by society as a “Special Needs” child; to us, he is just another Card baby, the 5th one to be exact. There are times when we look at him sleeping and he’s as normal as any of our other children.

Probably the most difficult situation we’ve faced so far is when we explain to others the challenges John-Michael will possibly face; that’s when it feels foreign and, at least I have, a sort of out of body (or mind) experience that seems like, someone else saying: “he’s been diagnosed with…”

Those who know my family and me, know that we try to focus on the positives (although I recently fell into the world of political theater… which I found very hard to stay ‘positive’ in that world), so stating a fact as if it is and not as if I want it to be throws me.

Here’s where we are today.

God made John-Michael exactly the way He wanted him to be and gave this little boy to us as a blessing, to be his parents, to care for him, love him and raise him up to be a light for God in this world. We have accepted that role with gratefulness and we know that God has a distinct plan for his life and ours.

The funny thing is that John-Michael is our 5th child, “Five” is the biblical number for Grace and to take it a step further, babies born with man’s label of Down’s Syndrome, really are just the most gentle, loving and beautiful people God creates. In my mind, they represent the heart of Jesus himself.

Some will say that God doesn’t create people with Down’s Syndrome, maybe… maybe not. If a child with Down’s Syndrome brings God more Glory by an authentic demonstration of God’s true love for us, than a child without would, then why wouldn’t God create such a wonderful being. I certainly don’t propose to know God’s thoughts, but I know the conversations I’ve had with God, especially lately, and it’s what I believe God’s answer was to my why question.

In either case, what’s explained, quite eloquently in the scriptures is that God has a plan for each of us, a destiny to which we’ve been called and in that is a promise that God’s plan is never to harm us, but to strengthen our Faith in Him. We were never promised an easy road but one filled with victory; the catch is we must believe, believe in God, His Son and the plan that He has for us that leads to His Glory.